Friday, November 9, 2012

I think that Aaron Deveau was inconsiderately accused of "murder" or "motor vehicle homicide" it's not like he intentionally killed the 55-year-old father. His daughters may keep a grudge against young Aaron. Although it was Aaron's fault that he was not paying attention to the road. Aaron now has to spend 2 years in federal prison for Motor Vehicle Homicide. Now-a-days people are dying because of motor vehicle homicide while driving. To most people apparently texting is more important than their own lives. Most people don't understand that when you look down for even a second you are putting your life on the line just for a text you can answer when you are at your destination. Texts last a life time, but your life doesn't. It's not easy to put down your phone because, in our eyes texting is everything, we all need it, and we can't survive without it. We just have to figure out a way to pay attention to the road and our personal lives along with that. If we don't, the person who text you while your driving, you and him/her can easily be the cause of motor vehicle homicide or even worse death. I text a lot and i sometimes drive, but i don't ever text and drive. My mom text and drive a lot and most of the time she's always on the phone, but when i get on the phone I'm told to get off while driving. I always thought that when your texting and driving that it depended on how good you were at driving to be able to multitask, but i was terribly wrong. It doesn't take skill or practice you should never ever text and drive. We normally wouldn't have to worry about things like this if we hadn't done so much of it. This never became a problem until all this high-tech equipment started pouring into the world. It doesn't matter where you are or what you do if you get a text it can wait until your at a stop light or you are parked. Driving is a privilege not a reward most people take that for granted. Driving is what lets us express ourselves, what helps us sleep at night knowing we have a car to get to in the morning, it's also what keeps some people sane. Having a car is a great responsibility, that's why our parents yell at us and complain to us about getting one or crashing or even so much as a baby scratch or a little dent. I don't agree on Aaron Deveau going to prison, I'm not gonna say it wasn't his fault but he didn't intentionally kill the man. The federal court of Massachusetts made it sound and seem like Aaron saw the man driving and decided to go and crash into him and kill him. Aaron was wrongly accused and i honestly don't think he should be prosecuted. I don't think that there should be a law for texting and driving. No one should be committed for motor vehicle homicide unless they actually intentionally try to kill someone. I strongly suggest that Obama needs to unenforced the law for texting while driving. There has been 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries, teenagers are 23 times more likely to crash then most adults because we get the most distracted over a phone then adults do, how can we prevent that? stop texting and driving,your life is more important then a text. Instead of killing people every year how about we prevent deaths instead of causing them. For every second your head is down looking at that phone, is every second your willing to kill everyone around you.